Lil B - Child Support Me [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil B - Child Support Me

Child Support Me Lyrics / Paroles

[Lil B]
What the fuck is this in my mail?
Bitch talkin bout 'child support me' ?!
Oh this ho gotta die

[Hook - Lil B]
Bitch tried to child support
Im gon hit a lick!
The bitch tried to child support
I might kill the bitch
When you in court, Im gon slap you bitch
Child support me, Ill casket a bitch
Bitch tried to child support
Im gon hit a lick! [Figaro!]
Bitch tried to child support I might kill the bitch [Figaro!]
When you in court ho (damn) Imma slap you bitch [bam!]
Child support me - Ill casket a bitch

[Verse 1 - Lil B]
Keep my dick out and my mind on my money
Bitch tried to hit me for child support, blast your bitch up in court
Bitch we made a kid we ain't made an installment
Ill slap your brother too and Ill slap your fuckin cousin
Child support me Ill grave a bitch on my cousin [ugh!]
These hoes plottin' right now, Im thinkin bout somethin [ugh!]
These bitches tryna come up, actin like they ???
Refuse to fuck a groupie bitch [fuck it], fake bitch hate a bitch [you won't fuck me]
Fuck that child support
I might fuck her [whats up ho]
Im thinkin bout numbers
I been doin numbers
I ain't scared to do numbers
I have four runners
I flex baby hummer
Child support flexin numbers [been real]
I lied on- (what you did?!)
I sat down for a summer [you did that]
I hit licks on my own [you ain't never snitched!]
I did so much under [felonies!]
I did fuckin smother![you did everythang!]
I hit licks for a summer [you did face 30!]
Bitch child support me? [what?!]
I'll kill my baby mama


[Verse 2 - Lil B]
I don't need no extra help we can do this on our own [mwuah baby]
Bitch tryna judge me and put me on child support [mwuah]
Im down for my numbers and Im down for them audibles
I been runnin plays [mwuah] bitch send it from the skybox [Figaro!]
Im servin fades in hightops [Figaro!]
I've seen so many numbers
Nigga respect from them numbers
I backed over child support [ugh!]
Lay a sucker down [yeah!]
Child support so fuckin OTHER [Calm down]
Man these hoes playin? [Calm down Lil B]
Ah man Ill smother my baby mother [BasedGod!]

Man Lil B man Lil B you need to calm down
But Imma tell you these hoes gon get suttin
Bitch tryna play that uh child support game?
Okay okay Ill play that smother and that unda you namsayin? We play numbers too it ain't nuttin you namsayin? What that ho wanna do? So we play wit numbers everyday you namsayin child support just another number you namsayin so we can play that too
We playin with that unda daily so you namsayin so Im bout that child support me ho you gon' die

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