Lil B - Gimme My Swag Back [paroles]

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Lil B - Gimme My Swag Back

Paroles: Gimme My Swag Back

…niggas playing me like Im pussy?
Ok, I’mma remember that
And I’mma check the game off, you feel me?
Aye bruh, yeah, I know, okay, you feel me, yeah
This might be your beat, but why you don’t fuck with me, huh?
I’mma tell you why you don’t fuck with me
Because I’ve got a lot of swag, nigga, that’s why
I’mma tell somebody else something, man
I’ve got a lot of bitches
Everybody know me, you know what I’m saying?
I’mma tell you, man

[Verse 1]
I’m yelling bitch mob motherfuck the task
All you sucka ass niggas puttin’ the game on wax
If, you was a real nigga you woulda had my back
I’m yelling bitch mob nigga hate on that
You kissed the ho ass, I’mma break her back
They hounding out life what type of game is that
Twenty with a L, I ain’t playin’ that
I’m really to smart to be locked in chains
You niggas D.T.M (Down To Murder) This is not a game
I don’t give a fuck, I am not a lame
Four door volvo can’t stop a train
I’m on top of game, Bitch mob I’m hot
Tucked off low in the other spot
I was the underdog with the Ziploc
Damn Based God let them bitches know
Based world Berkeley, down to the O
Down to the Richmond, I rep forreal
Bitch mob niggas I got girls forreal
I don’t give a fuck, cause I look so good
Fucked the bitch ass cause I know you wouldn’t
You don’t play this, I don’t give a fuck
Cause Based World know I keep the guns up