Lil B - Look Like Jesus [paroles]

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Lil B - Look Like Jesus

Paroles: Look Like Jesus

Chorus: x2
Hoes on my dick cause I look like jesus

Niggas getting mad cause I dress like jesus christ
I'm that pretty bitch imma fuck her all night

Verse One:
Young based god off the wall like a plasma
Make yo main bitch suck me dick cause I'm handsome
Young based god got the cash and the bulletproof
Rob my main bitch and I fuck her in the ass too
Gold mouth bitch and I look like a princess
No homo bitch that pretty bitch with your sister
Riding round town in a limousine flat screen
Real goon nigga tiny shirt and some tiny jeans

Straight waterfront bitches mad that I made it
Yo bitch sucking dick and ya'll haters keep hating
Word around town I got bitches in amazement
Young based god I put the K in your faces

Come into yo spot with the trash bag I'm gooned out
Only young ho facing 36 I'm booming now
Hoes on my dick cause I'm flex all in...
And I look like jesus christ bitches on my dick

Chorus: x2