Lil B - Trapped In BasedWorld [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil B - Trapped In BasedWorld

Trapped In BasedWorld Lyrics / Paroles

I’mma tell you like this
I’mma tell you like that
I’mma tell you like this
It’s the mother fucking trapped in baseworld, bitch
Amen, amen, this is for the real bitch mob
I’m talking ’bout this mother fucking bitch mob soldiers
I’m talking ’bout that mother fuckers that is rady to catch twenty, thirties with the bitch mob.
Shut them base world, I’m still smoking dough
Hit ‘em with the…, I look like Al Capone
I look like Ted Bundy, I hate all killers
But I am the drill, but I for real
Fuck with your thin,and fuck with your dream
Bitch.. I bought forty girls
Bitch mob, pretty boy, you don’t know about that world!
I’m down with… that’s a damn shame
Use your damn brain, afraid it’s got to tap
Can’t take a nap, cause they’re sleeping on your back.

Like I said, man you mother fuckers …
Straight up..this is for the real militants, or the bitch mob…
You know we… pretty boys,… you know I mean anything, man
So sick, maintain everything…
Yeah, yeah, what I say
I’m talking about this thing real, uh
Trapped in baseworld, trapped in baseworld

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