Lil' b - Xxl freshmen 2011 freestyle

Xxl freshmen 2011 freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

Nigga ass cold like Froze meat
I don't play cheap, take forest, get ya brain tossed
Make a snitch nigga shirt red like meat sauce
Ya take flows, I ain't never copied off no nigga
Make a bitch strip, ass hole for the whole dick
Call her asshole, make her bounce like a cold pimp
You can plate sea-food man, take this whole shrimp
Now stop that bitch nigga tell him go fish
Streets taught me how to ride, now I got a froze whip
Polar cold clip, pop bullets, pop the whole clip
Pop him in his back, pop back like a hatchback
I ain't playing with the mixtapes
Cool, like a switchblade, cut a nigga like sensei

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