Lil Baby - Time (ft. Meek Mill)

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Lil Baby - Time (ft. Meek Mill)

Lil Baby


Featuring(s) : Meek Mill

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Paroles - lyrics: Time

[Verse: Lil Baby]
Youngin from the prophets, fucked around and got it poppin
And I’m like fuck a Maserati, bought my bitch a Blenty truck
G-5 my blood brother he be throwing B’s up
Me I got Chanel swag you know I be C’d up
I paid cash for every car, used be the last in stock
Kept it real that’s why ion flock
Look at me I’m on the chart
Ion look down but I’m on top
I don’t entertain they clout
Play with me you gone get shot for real
Now they can’t resist us, hear ‘em tryna diss us
Really need to miss us, probably with your bitch bruh
I bought her purse off a piece of my endorsement
Richer than my classmates, she know how my kids taste
Now I’m on this cash race, I can’t come in last place
I done finally went legit the [?] I’m a taxpayer
So you know that mean I’m going hard til my last day
You can get a thousand pounds a week the gas way

[Chorus: Lil Baby]
I got six watches I’m ahead of time
I’m going all off if it’s bout mine
I’m getting my shine on I been on my grind
Feel like I’m different I’m one of a kind
Buy her a Brikin Bag, keep her up to par
Baby you look better naked you should take it off
Had to play my role, now I’m taking charge
Just got off parole make the brodie take the charge



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