Lil Bibby - Aww Man (ft. Future) [paroles]

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Lil Bibby - Aww Man (ft. Future)

Paroles: Aww Man

I'm headed to Sleepsville
He's going to Smallsville
Although there's Superman, can't get it popping like Orville
I hope that wasn't too corny, I hope that she's still on me
She's always tryna get me up, but I'm not feeling to horny
It's like 2 homie, half hour past booty call
It's so ridiculous, me thinking this beautiful
Chick couldn't be a nympho
Didn't gimme all her info
I'm just realizing what kind of night that I'm in for
"Hit the Jackpot, dawg!" You see this as a win for 'em?
I contest and stress, our acts are very sinful
Let's pray
Let's stay restin
We just finished having Round 1, we shouldn't rush into another session
Here's my confession, my talk was BS and you
Put a little bit of game and I'm through with my
Checkered past like Houndstooth
Makin' it all sound true
Aww man, Round 2?