Lil Bibby - Sleeping On The Floor (ft. G Herbo)

Sleeping On The Floor Lyrics / Paroles

Where your ass was at when I was sleepin' on the floor?
Where your ass was at when I was sleepin' on the floor?

[Verse 1: Lil Bibby + G Herbo]
That .40 got a drum, bitch I feel like Nick Cannon, ay
Raised in the slums so you know I'm still damaged, ay
Told her let me fuck, ho you know I'm real mannish
I get love from the plug, I be makin' shit vanish
And we from 79th & S but the migo speakin' Spanish
Sometimes he be talkin' plays, I can't even understand it
I'm like "Can you hear me?
Don't you panic, double wrap and keep it landed
How the pack goin' to Atlanta, I get the racks and double band it"
Bitch don't get it twisted, I'm No Limits, I'm a savage, ay
Blow a nigga down if he pull up right here cappin', ay
Bitch I be with shooters, all my niggas don't be rappin', ay
Drop a nigga, tell a cop, cause I don't know what happened, ay
Got my .40 and it's on me, dolo, lowkey, I'm in traffic
Tony fly back to pay 100 off an oz, I was trappin'
That 800 I just spent it on Margielas, call it cappin'
Week before I had to show ya'll line G Herbo's niggas clappin', ay
All my niggas bout that action, quit that yappin' 'fore I slap 'em
We got .30s in on Rugers, how my shooters get to clappin'
And we don't got no love for you rappin' ass niggas
Up there pistol tell them strip, with your faggot ass nigga
I got boogers on my wrist, got your sister on my dick
Got your condo in my pocket, spent your condo on my kicks
And since I cut the lean habit, I've been shoppin' like a bitch
I just bought Givenchy (?) shit that woulda been a 6, ay

[Verse 2: Lil Bibby + G Herbo]
I'm just a trappin' ass nigga, you a rappin' ass nigga
And I'm still in the field with my savage ass niggas
You could catch me on the block got my youngin's totin' Glocks
We be ridin', flippin' blocks, see the opps, send some shots
Now we ridin' on the e-way gettin' high, bitches hot
Bitches on me everyday, they just wanna give me top
Yeah, you ain't gotta flex like you ain't fuckin', baby stop
You know my Balmains full of knots and your favorite rapper flop
And I be gettin' guap, ho
Tell 'em come and shop, ho
Hood name Poncho
I'm trappin' out my condo
Gotta make it happen, rappin', fuck up, I'mma rob ho
Real street nigga, I had a nine before Rondo, hah

[Hook: Lil Bibby]
You can tell by the flow that a nigga from the 'Go
And if niggas want some smoke, have them shooters at your door
And I throw my gang up just to let a nigga know
And she suck it like a pro but she can never by me ho
Tell her, where your ass was at when I was sleepin' on the floor?
Bitch, where your ass was at when I was sleepin' on the floor?
Say my lil cousin call me and he say he need some dough
Where your ass was at when I was sleepin' on the floor?

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