Lil Boosie - Wartime (ft. Webbie)

Wartime Lyrics / Paroles

Ken stop the beat, I think I'm out of breath
Start that bitch back

[Hook: Webbie (x2)]
These boys don't realize it gets wild at war time
Better watch your rear side, when I, spark iron
Get out and explode and reload, and start firin'
Hollows what we load and creep low at dark time

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
At dark time, I spark iron, I'm real sick at nightfall
Jump in my nigga's beef and call the shots if I don't like y'all
Ask D, ask Trel, ask T, ask Mel
When tears drop, I'm real hot, don't give a fuck about jail
For 2 G's, you will bleed from your head to your toe
Niggas do without the love but they need some bread and soap
Webbie know how it is when we be beefin' that nigga
Who made that song, he know it's on when I see him
From 8 PM to 5, we alive off that X
Doin' drivebys, hit the block and holla 'bout who's next
This G shit, like sex, Gotta have and I like it
I'm a dirty ass nigga, bust your head and fuck your wife

[Outro: O-Dog]
Aye homie you need some help?
Uhh... uhh...
Punk ass nigga, come on niggas!
I thought killin' those fools would make me feel good

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