Lil Debbie - Don't Hate [paroles]

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Lil Debbie - Don't Hate

Paroles: Don't Hate

I'm that bitch, that bitch, that bitch
That bitch, that bitch, that bitch, don't hate, don't hate

[Verse 1]
Bomb, that bomb, yeah I'm always smokin' that bomb
Gettin' money, real long, I'm always gettin' chased by King Kong
I'm that bitch he on, he lickin' on me, he wanna wife me
I'm hella icy, we hella saucy, we hella bossy, what it cost me?
Please, who's lookin' at tax these days?
I heard you went broke, you a charity case
What you're layin' next to can't compare to this face
Can't walk in my shoes, can't stand in my space
Bitch, I'm a one of one, you a dime a dozen
Don't call me if it ain't about the money
I'ma get it if I mothafuckin' want it
Pull the credit card out, tell 'em run it


[Verse 2]
Stylin', profilin'
Everybody in the clique be wildin'
Umbrellas in my drink on an island
All you beat up hoes, throw the towel in
Money just pilin'
Hella shows across the country
Slim waist but always hungry
Is that why you say you want me?
Cause I'm gettin' that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake
Tell me put it in his face, face, face, face, face
He be, he be goin' cray, cray, cray, cray, cray
Yeah we do this every day, day, day, day, day
Tell 'em run it


[Verse 3]
Chanel slippers, male strippers
I don't fuck with it, I like thug shit
He get rough with me, I get rough back
I got him stuck to my walls like a thumbtack
Done tacked, in my car
Windows up, my pockets fat
I ain't gotta prove I can rap
I'm that bitch that he askin' 'bout
Yup, Lil D
Love from the nerds and the triple OGs
Need about a OZ, rollin' with the whole team
Red cup full of [?], I'm your man's wet dream
That cream, that money
I'ma get it if I mothafuckin' want it
I admit it, I'm addicted to the stuntin'
Pull the credit card out, tell 'em run it