Lil Debbie - Let’s Get High [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil Debbie - Let’s Get High

Let’s Get High Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Kool John]

Light it up and pass it

All my weed fantastic

All my bitches ratchet

Can a nigga have it?

I ain't finna travel, but a nigga packin

And I'm super stackin from burning weed and rappin

Kool John is the name.. got them gold chains mane.. got them gold frames mane

Get that money mane

Top shelf steamin mane i keep it creamy mane

Roll me up a blunt fill me up a cup

Rich city wassup?

Off to cities in the cuts

I like big blunts and butts

I get swishers and cups ima hitta nigga

I do nada for free i don't funk with niggas I smoke too much tree, YEE

[Hook: Kool John]

Let's ride let's get high it's do or die we super high

Lets ride let's get high it's do or die we super high

[Hook: Lil Debbie]

Let's ride let's get high its do or die we supa high

Lets ride lets get high it's do or die we supa fly

[Verse 2: Lil Debbie]

Let's ride through the bay smokin dank I'm super high

That purple kush all in my lungs can't see my eyes

You fuckin with a bad bitch that know she fly

Rollin up as soon as i wake up then i do my make up, I'm on

All gold around my neck and shit my whips sittin on chrome

They call me Debbie, catch me ridin in the back of that Phantom

Blow on trees that's bananas, this bag here Dolce Gabbana

My manicure ??? bandana...

I love that I'm shining on you fuck bitches, you don't even see me riding, windows Dub tinted

They love the way Debbie act like this shit is scripted, I do it..

Activis with my Sprite, double cup I'm coolin.. double cup I'm coolin

[Hook: Kool John]

[Hook: Lil Debbie]

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