Lil Durk - Higher [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil Durk - Higher

Higher Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by DJ L Beats]


One thing I hate is a liar

Niggas don't know me

They act like my homie

And hate on me and my attire

I just put on, for me and my city

And ever since, shit been on fire

I'm good, but I'm tryna get higher

Bitch I'm a dog, I'm a fighter, yeah

Higher (x7)


[Verse 1: Lil Durk]

I'ma keep it G' like I been

Looking for the money not the friend

Sleeping on me like a Xan'

This is my blessing, my plan

I wanna thank all my fans

To y'all I'm forever the man

Fall off like most of these rappers

I don't even like most of these rappers (Fuck 'em)

Either you gang, squad, hitters, killers, savages, or trappers (Be yourself lil' nigga)

I'm a bossed up savage ass nigga, and ima stack up (let's get it)

Durk in the club, call for the backup (Brrrr! Bow!)

He gone make it rain

Dead people, and poor up the liquor (Bubbly, bubbly)

I'ma get money

Give me my credit, instead of taking it from me (let's get it)

The burner is on me (bow!)

I'll shoot, but I don't condone it (Nooo)

Ion wanna rent shit. I'd rather own it (let's get it)

Free my niggas I hate that phone shit

Two cups and I get higher


[Verse 2: Lil Durk]

Pass me a cup, I need to get high

Real street nigga, I don't need to lie

Nigga my shoes, he been want to die

Cry, marry the streets like a bride

Remember my name, in case and devide

Money and family it do not compare

My brother was here, no one was there

Stressed, and pulling out hair

Price is at a higher

For the people that's dead

Pour up and hold you up a lighter

Be silent one time, one time like, ohhhh

One time, one time like, ohhhh, yeah

Don't understand me like "Signed to the Streets"

Look at my son, remind me of me

Niggas is bitches, and apples don't fall far from the tree

Gave 'em the chance, like the rapper (yeah)

So that was they chapter (one time))

With this forty I'ma go cray' cray' (let's get it)

So don't get mixed in the massacre (Bow, bow, bow!)

I'm tryna get higher


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