Lil Durk - I'm a Star (ft. French Montana) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil Durk - I'm a Star (ft. French Montana)

I'm a Star Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: French Montana]
Told 'em baby I'm a star
Baby I'm a star
Fuckin' with that shit, won't go far
You won't go far
That bitch gon' tell you I'm a dog
Big chain, European car
Blow a hundred, make a [?]
Tell that bitch I'm a star
Spent a hundred on a star

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
I gotta eat, I'm from the streets
All of my niggas be shining with me
Try me, don't try me, that Mac on repeat
Bitch I'm a dog, I'm a dog [?]
Don't look my hood while I'm coolin' that
[?] I just chased me a stupid sack
I knew a couple dogs knock the news back
And we don't sneak diss just to beat his ass
Applause on sight cause we clap niggas
And I don't really fuck with these rap niggas
Hittas outta town that attack with us
And I do this shit for my trap niggas
My shootas on deck, they react nigga
Don't believe all the rumors, that's a fact nigga
And they gon' lie to 'em, they gon' ride for 'em
They gon' die for 'em


[Verse 2: French Montana]
Bitch I'm a baller, today and tomorrow
Crinkle the [?], wrinkle the star
K in the car, and these pistol done pop
Leave you tomorrow, swear I do get a mill on my arm
How you want it today or tomorrow
Drop 300K on her arm
Baby I'm a star, smokin' drinkin' lean
Servin' them coke [?]
European cars me and Durk rode 'em
Bitch I'm a star


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