Lil Durk - Let It Go (Freestyle) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil Durk - Let It Go (Freestyle)

Let It Go (Freestyle) Lyrics / Paroles

Lock & load muthafuckas cuz it's time to play
You had your time, now we doin' it my way
This shit ain't all Eazy, Rap Game ain't Dre Day
But I loaded clip, you're the prey so go & pray
Better go update your bucket list
Cuz you pussy niggas know you can't fuck with this
It's Donny Bravo from the fuckin' P-H-I
But I blow yo ass away like I'm from the Chi
Nickname for my city is brotherly
When half these bitches runnin' around ain't motherly
So many deadbeat moms & dads hangin' around
You'd think they killin' every parent in town
The Bravado Mixtape, it's comin' soon
Gonna see a new rapper in full bloom
The shit you make bugs me, you a looney tune
& I don't give a damn like the nigga from Maroon
Not ya son, but it's my time to shine
Eatin' rappers? Stop lyin', call it ramadan
Give ya girl that soup, call it wonton
You a broke master splinter, tend to drop a dime
Too many niggas cuttin' up, like to hop in line
Nigga I rap good, call me D Fajita
If you strike a cord with me, I'mma get the heater
Cruisin' round in a new blue honda
You need to give it up, call you big rhonda
I be so fly, bitches call me Wanda
16 year old gets pregnant, get's a TV show
MTV's good? I just don't agree bro
Somebody's gonna tell me I should let it go
If you really know me, you already know
I got a lot of shit buildin' up, ergo
I'm bouta make it in the game, I'm about to blow!

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