Lil Durk - Lord Don’t Make Me Do It

Lord Don’t Make Me Do It Lyrics / Paroles


Sometimes I get the urge to kill a bitch (kill that ho)

And I ain't even violent (and I ain't even violent)

That's why a nigga gotta plead the fifth (I gotta plead the fifth)

Sometimes it's good to stay silent (it's good to stay silent)

Lord don't make me do it (lord don't make me do it) x8

(let's get it)

[Verse 1]

She steady threatening me with these court dates (I ain't scared)

Unfollow bitches from my Insta (stupid ass bitch)

That's why I'm single like I am (let's get it)

And I'll never be a Mr (can't wife these hoes)

See my twenty steady breaking up my window

So I gotta chill, stay low in these rims though

Just how he hit it, he gon' make an example of me

Shit, and I gotta case pending (let's get it)

Cause these hoes steady calling my ho

Had this bitch steady breaking my code

Is it my finger prints from my 5S

Or one of my stuck up ass hoes?

Hold up let me think, let me take a drink

Cause I don't really know if no one care what a motherfucker think (don't give a fuck)

I'ma go crazy (I'ma go crazy), I'ma go crazy (I'ma go crazy)

And nobody sane (let's get it!)


[Verse 2]

Out of all your friends you the best (you I choose)

So I won't cheat on you for them that ain't my status (ho I'm sorry)

Fucking with these broke ass niggas (they broke), don't know what cash is (let's get it)

See I just spent like twenty on a car, I got twenty in glasses

What you mad at me for?

Bitch stop tripping like you ain't never had it before (bitch you had it)

And you gon' give me that ass, one time you gon' give me that work

Bitch get on my nerve (I hate that ho)

I'ma fuck all your friends to get easy (get easy), you mad why you tweaking? (bitch)

Should've told the judge you gon' let me see my kids every weekend

I do it cause I'm rich, I ain't really gotta reason (I'm rich)

I'm packing my shit and I'm leaving


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