Lil Durk - True

True Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Lil Durk and DeJ Loaf]
Baby what's wrong with you?
You make me feel some type of way, I'm on this song with you
You say you gon' do this and that when I'm alone with you
But when we link up we get nervous, boy what's wrong with us?
You get this shit together, get it rollin'
These bitches be all in my face but I ain't goin'
These niggas be all in my face but I ain't goin'
She want love and affection, I'ma show it
Yeah you be talkin' all that shit, you gotta prove it
And I will do it
If she let me touch it, shit I prolly will lose it
Man this nigga crazy, got a few screws loose
He must be off all that lean, what that [?] is
Your favorite color yellow, I just sent you flowers
When I'm not around you don't text me back for hours
You fuckin' with a real nigga, heard you used to cowards
Yo, hold on
Hold up, wait a minute, though
All them bitches been a joke
I'ma put some real shit off in your life, I'm tellin' you
DeJ we'll do that dance, forreal, you've been my boo back then
Thought you had a nigga and you really was a fool for him
I'm gon' have you where you need to be
Don't flash your wrist at me
Cause you know that it's more than that
This really where I need to be
The fans made memes of us
Beyoncé was a thing for us
And you know my genes are strong
We can make a team of us

[Hook: Lil Durk and DeJ Loaf]
Durk and DeJ
Yeah, Durk and DeJ
It sound good, don't it?
You want a good woman
If you want it like you say it, put your hood on it
Only a family in my eyes, I'ma say it first
Durk and DeJ, DeJ and Durk, whatever way it works
It sound good, don't it?
It sound good, don't it?
Durk and DeJ
Yeah, Durk and DeJ
It sound good, don't it?
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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