Lil Herb - I’m Rollin

I’m Rollin Lyrics / Paroles


Yeah, ho! Yeah, ho! Yeah, ho! Yeah, ho! Yeah, ho!

No Limit 150 Roc Block

If Lil Roc was here he'll be off a hitter

If Peewee was here, he'll be off a hitter

If C MOE was here, he'll be off a hitter

If Vito was here, he'll be off a hitter

If Big Squad was here, he'll be off a hitter

If Chico was here, he'll be off a hitter

If Kobe was here, he'll be off a hitter

Now I'm off a hitter, this for all my niggas

When we at the club man, we 150 deep, you already know

You ain't know shit though man, just keep eyes to yourself nigga

Watch your step

Bad bitches to the right, weak bitches to the left

Like I said man we here to party

You do what you gone do

If you smoke, you gone smoke

If you drink, you gone drink

If you gone roll, you gone roll

Do your thing just don't step on these all white G Fazos

Gang! Turn up


I'm rollin(x16)

I'm bustin this bus and I'm bustin' this bus somebody pass me a water or something

I'm bustin', I'm bustin', im bustin this bus somebody pass me a water or something

I'm rollin'(x16)

Now everywhere I go, I'm with my niggas

Everywhere I go, I let my chain swang

You a fuck nigga, stay in your lane

This ain't nothin' to us cause we gang bang

[Verse 1]

Herbo steppin' out, everything designer

Off of Louie V, drinkin' Fiji water

Belt Louie V, sag my Truey jeans

Hit the club deep and we off them yoppas

All my niggas fly, we came for the bitches

But don't get it twisted, we still for the drama

Pop a lot of bottles, all my niggas with me

The ones you don't see? Outside with them choppas

Back to what I said, we here for the hoes

All them bitches love me now

I'm gettin' money, I might pull up in a Rov

Came from nothin', I just had to let them know

So don't mix me up in this rap shit

I don't rap beef, get you wrapped quick

I be in the streets, every nigga know me

If you lookin' for me, you can get to me

150 with me, my shooters with me

All they know is kill, show no sympathy

And they kill for free, don't get killed for me

Lil bro got it on him off a pill or three

We don't show ID, couple shorties with me

Tottin' thirty clips only sixteen

Fly my bros out, buy some new poles

Spend a few cheese, that's a sixteen


And who this nigga approachin'? Don't know him

If he do somethin' put infrared on him

He make a move and you know we start blowin'

They rollin', they rollin', they rollin', they rollin'

Bitch in my section and I know she on me

After I stroke her, leave her pussy soakin'

Suck me up then and we gone fuck til the mornin'

I'm rollin', I'm rollin', I'm rollin', we rollin'


[Verse 2]

This ain't nothin' to us cause we (gang bang)

So don't fuck with us if you don't (gang bang)

My momma ask me why I gotta (gang bang)

Cause I can't make no money and still (gang bang)

But for my dead homies gotta (gang bang)

Cause I know they was on the same thang

Ridin' focus, I can't even change lanes

Forgiatos, fully autos, bang bang

This one's for my niggas

I woulda said it was for the bitches but I dont got shit for the bitches

Shame all on you niggas all on the Instagram stuntin' for them bitches

Frontin' under pictures

And you can catch me over east my nigga

Don't like talkin' under pictures

If he was a threat, we'll get on that left by where he living

All I know is hustle, move it by the muscle

I won't move a muscle have my shooters touch you

I got nina with me, I know she don't trust you

Nina nice and little but she still'll fuck you

Glizzy's with the drums, play with them for fun

Got so many guns I don't know which one

Tahoes in them chops, ridin' flippin' blocks

If we see the opps make some windows drop

[Pre-Hook + Hook + Bridge]

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