Lil Kim - Haterz (ft. B Ford) [paroles]

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Lil Kim - Haterz (ft. B Ford)

Paroles: Haterz

(Hook 2x)

Haterz. Damn, I can't stand me a ma'fucking hater

Damn shame, damn I got some haterz

Hm, hm, goddamn, I got some haterz

Give me a bitch that hates, cause man,

She won't walk without being hit

His hands is on my anus

He speaks a different language

He's hungry and it's breakfast time

He wants to eat my Danish

It's so shameless, my chrome gets penis

My scrub get the best, ‘cause

Her's is kinda brainless

They say I got that proper,

Got all my hater blocker

I'm higher than a giraffe's ass in a helicopter

Who? Who's gon' stop her?

Satan's wife ain't hotter

I make dudes leave they girl

How I pop, lock and drop her

Call me Betty Crocker

My icing is a topper

This snowball on my finger

It look like I'm playing soccer

Hating ass bitches, hating ass niggas

Hating overrated ass nigga

I be in the back, getting faded, my nigga

All you see is black Dark Vader, my nigga

Stepping on, I'm like step is on

Pow, pow, my weapon on

Hating on the beat, cause they on the beat

Man, you don't like the cream, you just a
(Hook 2x)

Play me, bitch, this is bad bitches

All around me,

We smoking boat, popping pills

So astounding

I'm fly as fuck

Blocking chucks, diamond shirts

Snap back, smell fresh, that's how it start

I'm in the building and I'm concealing some Marijuana

We finna smoking, my shit is open, some major Gandja

These people love me, it's like I'm rich, but I'm nowhere near it

Once I get it, you motherfuckers should really feel me