Lil Reese - Seen Or Saw (ft. Rick Ross)

Seen Or Saw Lyrics / Paroles

I promise niggas bitches man, they gone tell it all
I promise to keep it real and still fuck with my dawgs
I always burn up, I can't change At All
I always burn up, i can't change at all
And when they switch up, I can't change At All
And when it go up, I don't know nothing, seen or saw
And when it go down, I don't know nothing, seen or saw
And when it go down, I don't know nothing, seen or saw

[Verse 1]
I don't know nothing, seen or saw, Who talkin' to the law
Got a gun on me, don't test it
This bitch here it go off
Tryin' to stack my money up and buy a big ass crib
So I can build me a motherfuckin' golf, course
On the back of my shit, killas in the back of the whip
Flip by once, Flip by twice
I can't get no action for shit
Im'a go back to the script, and a nigga like me, me knowin' me
Im'a just stick to the script, im'a just stick to the script
Fuck a bitch and dip off the rip, R.I.P to my niggas not here
I'ma ride for my niggas that's here
War time with my niggas right here
It's going down with my niggas right here


[Verse 2]
"Reesey wit um?" I'm like:"Naw"
"Reesey feel em?" I'm like:"Nah"
Most niggas weren't built from this cloth
Try to do it for attention they lost
Try to do it for the bitches they lost
Im'a do it for the niggas I lost
Kill a nigga for the niggas we lost
Bro'nem was real niggas we lost
You ain't real, if you ain't ever take a loss
Cash out give a fuck what it cost
Most niggas gone tell what they saw
Most niggas gone fold, get soft
But I never fold, nigga get soft
Can't tell em what you seen, what you saw
But the tales and truth how it go
Got it on me, when the trues sag off
300 that's who I ride for, 300 that's who I slide for
Fuck around catch a homicide, fuck around and I'm a slide
Mini van yeah it's a slide door, only day ones they can ride though
And most these internet killers, they don't even be outside though


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