Lil Reese - Since A Youngin'

Since A Youngin' Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Lil Reese]
Since A Youngin bitch we been them niggas
Since a Youngin bitch I been a nigga

[Verse 1: Lil Reese]
Since a youngin bitch I been that nigga
Rockin designer clothes shoes from my denium
Got good aim and I ain't gon miss him this
Chicago and I hope he down to get him
Anit with the pillow talking thats for bitches
Anit with the pillow talking thats for snitches
These niggas bitches so I anit with em niggas
Killers best belive I'm with them I'm with my
Niggas and we all we got play with my brother
Thats like do or die play with the fam thats
So suicide play with the fam thats so suicidel
I got killers at your front and your side door
At your window lay low might shoot inside though
Can't fuck wit niggas most niggas [?] 3hunna ls


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