Lil Wayne - Hollyweezy

Hollyweezy Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced By: Drama Beats]


Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood



Hollygrove, Hollywood, Hollygrove, Hollywood

Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood

[Verse 1]

Find out where your parents stay

Tell my goons to go straight to your momma room

What's in your pockets? What's in your pocketbook?

We think the Bible's a comic book

Bitch this Hollygrove, too far from Hollywood

Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood

I got cocaine that's so good, need a name

Call it milk, because milk does the body good

I got this heat on my waist

So somebody better monitor the thermometer

I just eat pussy and pussy-ass niggas all day

And I ain't even kinda full


Hollygrove, Hollywoood, Hollygrove, Hollywood

Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood

[Verse 2]


I went from Bourbon to Beverly Hills

Show me your tits

I'll show you my weapon and grill

And heaven is real

I get an actress into my bedroom

She lay down and say "Let's make a film"

I be like "Action"

I hold her head down by her neck

This how breathtaking feel

Family first - you get your family killed

That's if you squeal

Pop-pop close range, hold that gun

Like the photographer hold the camera still

Bad bitch ridin my dick

She swerve cuz another bitch grabbin the wheel

I ask 'em to chill

They both look at me, say "Shut up"

I say "My lips are sealed..."


I come from Hollygrove, I done went Hollywood

I was a match made in heaven when hell was a pile of wood

I run through hell with gasoline drawers on

Stop, tell the Devil that God is good

Entrepreneur in a Bentley droptop Azure

Vagina connoisseur out the hood

I come from Hollygrove

Everyday Halloween

We shoot your block up

And just say we shot a scene

This is a robbery

I let the chopper squeeze

Turn you to cottage cheese

Been on my beast

Since I was wearing Wallabees

Where paparazzi?

I need my privacy

Fuck yo' photography

I react violently

Make sure your camera get my good side of me


I come from Hollygrove

Hollywood should make a movie 'bout Hollygrove


Whoever play me should get a Oscar and a Golden Globe

This ain’t no movie, this is real shit

I don’t need a script cause I know my role

My Hollywood bitch just overdosed

All she could snort, more coke than Pinocchio

I come from the streets

But got superstar written all over my face

That’s why these hoes in my face

I come from Hollygrove

I moved to Hollywood just to californicate


I ain't finna shoot and tell 'em don’t check the gate

[Hook x 2]

Hollygrove, Hollywood, Hollygrove, Hollywood

Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood


Fall asleep to the gunshots

Wake up and smell the embalming fluid

I come from Hollygrove, my bitch from Hollywood

When I fuck her she say “Hallelujah”

Hollygrove too far from Hollywood

Ohh, but I done went Hollywood

Hollygrove, Hollywood, Hollygrove, Hollywood

Hollygrove ain't far from H-Town

We used to drive back and forth with the work prayin

"Lord please don’t let this car break down."


[Verse 3]

H-Town! Lawwd

I done went from Hollygrove to H-Town

Hollygrove to Houston

Got a bad 5th ward bitch that be boostin

Sometimes she doze off; that’s the lean, I excuse it

She said “If it ain’t ch-chopped and screwed, it ain’t music."

She say I never take her out, we went to eat at Houston's

Sometimes I doze off; that’s the lean, I'm just snoozin

I still got Actavis, nigga, that's exclusive

Kill you for a pint, that’s a PT Cruiser

I see way too many hoes in my future

I'm gon' nail all them hoes, I'm Freddy Krueger

Grew up on Bun B, Pimp C was my tutor

Pimp Squad for life, had to do this for Houston

[Verse 4]

Hollygrove ain’t far from H-town

We used to drive back and forth with the work

Praying the car don’t break down

Ohhh, Hollygrove ain’t far from H-town

We used to drive back and forth with

Codeine, cocaine, the pills, and pounds

Yeah, and we got back home safe and sound

If you got pulled over you don’t give police no names

Or get killed and never found


But I kept some money to bail out

Momma used to say if I ever get caught

They gon' put me under the jailhouse

Damn, I'm too Hollygrove to go Hollywood

One to the chest with this chopper

Leave you with just arms and a head like a octopus

I got this chopper protecting my livelihood

I'm so good

I'm so straight

I’m secure


Hollygrove, Hollywood, Hollygrove

Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood



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