Lil Wayne - RappaPomPom (ft. Junior Reid) [paroles]

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Lil Wayne - RappaPomPom (ft. Junior Reid)

Paroles: RappaPomPom

[Hook 1: Junior Reid]
You only got a few days more
To get the guns you want at the gun store
On the first day of Christmas, Guess what Santa bring for me
A Glock, a magnum, a rusty M3

[Hook 2: Junior Reid]
Rappapompom, we don't want no rom pom pom pom

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Welcome to hell I let em burn
Momma told me don't play with them choppas I never learn
I hold the tube tight & firm I don't squirm
Killers hold court in the street court is adjourned
These niggas sleeping, hope they keep it in they knapsack
Watch me while I'm creepin leave em leakin like a flap jack
Hustle all day like we eatin on the last stack
We play with ak's boy you need to bring that mac back
Hand gun they don't want no hand gun
Tote a shotty with a bass drum
Say something, I'm from where them niggas can't come
We die rich & young
We die handsome and
Me I never ran from another man son
I take alot a shots, bitch nigga and one
So throw away them Glocks
I hope they prayin for ya
You hear that chop now you sayin somethin

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Murda she wrote nigga we loke
You can get smoked like brand new dope
Brand new scopes on old ass guns from brand new beef
If he play you cold you give him heat
Play that roll get in them streets
You pay that toll life ain't cheap
The streets is watchin
The streets can see what you can't see
You ain't safe, you ain't free
You just a target with teeth
Ya'll niggas don't hear me
Shoot him in the eye make the nigga see clearly
Now he only got one eye like the pyramid
Bitch, I'm in the game like the beer man, hear me
They on my crash shootin down like a deer, man
Down down baby goin down like airtran
Yeah & you don't wanna take it there man
Because I'm already there man
I'm sayin

[Hook 1 & Hook 2]

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Survival of the fittest it is well known there's no water like my city's
Some of us are killers some of them are jus swimmers
Niggas got choppas niggas got trimmers
Niggas got problems niggas got business
Niggas got children niggas got bitches
Bitches got bitches
I know bitches realer then you
Nigga I done seen keys bigger then you
Yeah nigga you ain't on shit
Cut off a nigga head make him suck his own dick
No he don't want that & he don't want this
I shoot a hundred times I be blind if I miss
You know I gotta put the dollar sign before the bitch
Every movie gotta end but I'm just stickin to the script
Addicted to the chips commited to my clique
Cash money mother fucker get the pistol to your lips

[Hook 1 & 2]