Lil Wayne - That's Not Luv [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lil Wayne - That's Not Luv

That's Not Luv Lyrics / Paroles

That’s not love
That’s not love
(On the real side)
That’s not love, (You dig)
Not real true love

[Verse: 1]
Snakes in the grass, so I stay on the pavement
Survived the battle when Adam was a cavemen
And dead animals and dead men
I’m all in and my only friend is Amen
Keep your mouth closed, you wanna know why you die?
The answer’s right under your nose
Expose to the streets, in the game I don’t cheat
I had to play my position, get MVP
I get money don't shit come free
It's my life and i'm runin' even with numb feet
Keep my business in my pocket, don't wash with bleach
And I never show my hand, not even to me, you see

That’s not love
That’s not love

[Verse: 2]
Look, as the crooked world revolves
Love spell back we still evolve
The evil spell back was just live or live
And When death comes you better have life to give
I spit that real talk like knives to ribs
And rats die ugly, die with kids
These niggas stitchin' and still livin'
I hope my words are like razor's to them bitches
Niggas pretend like they there to dig in
But when they go down and fuck around and be them
That blood live for millon when it's leakin'
If you scared go see a [?] nigga
That ain't love

That’s not love
That’s not love

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