Lloyd Banks (feat. Maino) - Anti-Freeze (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Lloyd Banks (feat. Maino) - Anti-Freeze (Freestyle)

Paroles: Anti-Freeze

may no hustle hard better pray to god
i swear to god ..play their part
is going down i'm runnin down
i'm here noe let's get it.

blak .. black teeth shooters in the black truck,
diamonds on getting money haters on my right ..
left arm .. there's a ..liek full of stars
fifty shots ..niggas better call on ..
i'm no .. the reason why they..
do it .. bull it ..paper on his .. i declare in the six county
i'm the king..stand up nigga why these niggas can't down me
look around i round the town these other niggas ..
see ..other nigga.. i better make this ..homie we strong
..with the same b*tches..many weather..
i'm a ..b*tch..underneath my arm
f*ck nigga the reason i love niggas last homie take me ..trust niggas
straight to the devil is where i took em
f*ck what you heard i run brooklyn

catch that .. view me on your movie screen
got the sweater got the hats nigga in the gucci jeans
.. than i used to be ..used to .. b*tches usually
turn no more ..super ..
mamy i'm the coolest from .. i'm the coolest
the haters …they can ..nigga say hello to ….how i do this
.. b*tches standing..
shawty keep my name low till my name …
l…p*ssy papa on the ..on the phone
i'ma f*ck with..going off the dawn
gotta smoke .. she's glowing on ..
..when i push my crown
and my queens .. and i need ..packing paper .. get your own.