Lloyd banks - Goodbye

Goodbye Lyrics / Paroles

[13 seconds fades in]

[Verse 1:]
Uh! - P-L-motherfucking-K!
Footsteps like torpedoes when I come to play.
Ghetto hero if you feel low, get the fuck away!
Hey! - I dream about them C-notes every fucking day.
Feelin'? like Pacino when I cut the Yay,
Cut the shit nigga, to pay me? the way.
Smoking demon?, that she highs
In a present parking lot, I bust a' ass and slide.
I tapped the O, I spark alot, they helps but thatís my vibe
Stealing giving my heart to know bitch?, that's surprise!
SouthSide! - Home of the hardest shit hitting.
My eyes wide! - Crumble is what you get slippin'.
Dear hater! - Hoes talking here that you love me.
Get this motherfucking money pop bubble and do my doggy!
This snakes wants thug me, short? under the rugby!
Uhh! - Blue nose with the flows watch how you love me.
Late me up in popping so I'm always popping up.
Land in ATL Pelle-Pell' honey hopping up
Purple weed, chop the truck is high on so we park it up
Call my niggas "Shaka", know we got some birds that'll up to pop.

There's mo' woman, mo' crime! - That's why I'm coming from.
Ridin' till we die - back with another one.
Know the one we ride - and back till my number come
I gotta get mind, tryna stop me and love me,
Goodbye! (goodbye!) Goodbye! (goodbye!) - Goodbye! (goodbye)
Go 'head and fun and later say goodbye!
Bye-bye! - Bye-bye-bye-bye!
Middle fingers rolls on my.4's, now let's get high!

[Verse 2:]
Uhh! - I hope this fire gets to 'Pac, gets to Big!
Niggas tryna say I changed, wish I did!
If I did, I wouldn't be going through what I'm going thru
You know when I pop when no one knew, get over the fact I'm over you!
The more sins the radio, the more fellatio
My watch pop crazy! Oh, it's like the? Show!
I got that bird, give me brick, brick that and phase me flow!
My mind's going 1000 miles per hour sour makes it slow!
Bring out nine style and I will shining more with mine, woow!
My grey sounds kinda retarded, this our like mo.
Fake niggas, them real ones! - You doin' bad, you gon' get hate!
You do the good that will come - a little twisted Karma.


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