Paroles: Toxic

[Verse 1]
Here to fuck up the winter, just got out november, slot
Never put out a filler, still punch through a center block
Firearm in the villa, fuck it lets make december hot
Hittin birds with the curves, mercedes benz to block
Killer reciever runnin with Gerry i slayed anywhere i lay, hang my jersey up in the telly
Thirty up in the chevy, trail of guts on a players route
Glove when i took the hit, never had a hicky or gave one out
You gotta crew with hand me downers, they ain't kill or nothing
Blood suckers draining your room, look at the ceiling sunkin
With everything out on a table, bet my feelings wasn't
Audemar thrills every other deal, new wheels to hug them
Bitches be hawkin needa shield and clubbin
Tear you down your building something, homesick gotta be in the field to function
They owe me meal tickets to half a mill a munchin
Haters give you energy, snake niggas for steal consumption

We gotta make it out the problems next
I took a hit on life the hardest boy you lookin through the eyes of death
I took a up and down denied the rest
I put my work in and out the curtain now my name around the projects
Youll never understand its complex
My niggas known for fucking shit up, avoid the bomb threats
Lost in the system losing my mind next
Out here number 1 there ain't no contest

[Verse 2]
These pussies left a big hole, gangsters pluggin the cavity
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