Locksmith - Careful

Careful Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1:]

I've been dealing with this my whole life

Other peoples opinions I used to hold tight

I had to ask myself Would you rather be broke and have friends and get money with those you don't like

Quick decision when niggas think you ain't meant to rise

Cause jealousy is just insecurity in disguise

The stench of pride is what's holding you niggas back

So I don't feature on track unless you paying or I sense a vibe

They been sleeping on what I say hard

Now they finally acknowledged I'm passing their bar

These industry niggas is like bitch they see me with another broad now I'm finally on their radar

Waved off what I may loss when it breaks one way to be great

But I had to separate my fate to display who was fake

I can say it with faith

Never trust a person so stubborn they won't admit when they make a mistake

Fuck your validation I don't embrace your admiration

I don't reply to niggas cries I don't care or have the patience

I just say what's on my mind

You can take it how you take it

You can drape yourself in lies

I would rather stand here naked

I don't regret the path I'm taking

I demand what I'm endowed

I admit that my mistakes got out of hand cause I was proud

My family said it was blatant I was stranded in clouds

But it's hard to see the stage when you standing in the crowd

Never the type to feed excuses Never take light

What seems as useless

Try to rewrite the themes of music that is a plight

That seems elusive

I don't expect for you to catch what I've been doing that's the caption

I don't talk about success I just prove it in my actions

I use it as my traction and it's more fuel for my passion

They asking what would happen once I see loss?

Of course I'm still hungry there's nothing for me to feed off

[Verse 2:]

My nigga Tone said some things that I'll never forget

Never let money stress you out and don't ever regret

Choices you've made when these doubters try to negate you

Just keep making music that real people relate to

And that was our conversation in front of Dream

But when does my occupation become a dream

Said everything you work for is worth more than you gage

You gotta see these things through don't ever skip a stage

Ripped the stage at South By, then told the south bye

As I rushed to airport hope they remember me

On this flight bigger rappers felt embarrassed I was careless

With my talent and drowned in my insecurities

Pulled my hood down shut my eyes closed pretend I'm sleep

But I can still hear them laughing from over my seat

Probably random not intended as such but I used it as my motivation instead of being my crutch

I was so blind for so long in my mind did no wrong

I prolonged what should have been the first path I rode on

But hold life can only give you what you take to long to live

Even my mother said I pray that you don't make it big (what?) Thought she said it as disrespect to me

But now I understand that she was just protecting me

Expect to see some speed-bumps when you fast forward. Just be careful what you ask for

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