Locksmith - Free (ft. Rebecca Nobel) [paroles]

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Locksmith - Free (ft. Rebecca Nobel)

Paroles: Free

[Verse 1:]
And what if it's all a dream?
What if reality happens after all we sleep?
Tryna navigate while I'm half awake and it seems
When I finally lay down is when I peak
Peak inside the soul of a loner
I finally pulled myself out that coma
My homie told me the only hurt is fear
And never fear any time your life could turn a corner
And to think I almost gave up
I payed my own studio time, I saved up
I had some dealings with niggas I wasn't feelin', still
Never pointin' to blame, but time has to be made up
But fuck it, I'm stayn so long, I'm no pawn
My own feet I must learn to grow on
Reminiscing bout callin' the radio
Switchin' my voice, requesting my own songs
And niggas claimin' they real
Tryna give advice when they barely can pay the bills
What I reveal is deep into what they let you see
I finally feel free

[Hook: x4]
Feelin' like the way's too long, cause I don't wanna wait too long

[Verse 2:]
I signed a deal, thinkin' I should have blown
I figured out I was better off on my own
Thinkin' what could have been and what didn't was just as long
So I put it to the side and I focused on what is wrong
Dealing with the admission of what I could see was missin'
Try to give you my thoughts, but they rather just be dismissive
And I might as well be in prison, note to self
Neva ride a lock in with a nigga that doesn't see your vision
Trippin', but I'm happy to shake 'em
See, your past me with stayn, but I'm past the occasion
Tryna gas me?! I'm skatin'
You think these industry niggas is real friends?!
You are sadly mistaken
I take it for what it's worth
And deal with the one's cool
But let yo guard down and you're even a bigger fool
If niggas true, let the chance to glance what you see
But I finally feel free

No money, man, you take my love
The soon as that I'm dreaming of
You wanna know why I never look back
I let them know I don't live in the past [x2]

[Hook: x4]
Feelin' like the way's too long, cause I don't wanna wait too long

[Interlude: x5]
Feelin' good today
Feelin' good in every way