London Jae - BDTDT (ft. B.o.B) [Lyrics/Paroles]

London Jae - BDTDT (ft. B.o.B)

BDTDT Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, thumbin' through the check like *bdtdt*
Your hoe blow my phone like *bdtdt*
I pull up like *skrrt* *skrrt*
Diamonds in my errrrs
200 on the drrrrsh
Gotta ride in frrreigns
Got your hoe like "ooh, ooh"
Diamonds in my errrrs

[Verse 1: London Jae]
I got your hoe mayne, she on go mayne
I got ice all in my chain like a snowman
I'm the boss mayne, drinking bottles mayne
Boy I got it, how you want it, order somethin' mayne
[?] 200, run through that cash, 200, [?] havin' [?] 200
London and Bobby 200, get it, I got your bitch and she wit it
Murder scene when I pull up, and she clean when I pull up
Charlie Sheen when I pull up (Dro!), shoulder lean when I pull up
Flyer than most, play the back seat in the ghost
I got the game of the year, I got that hoe on the choke
Bad bitches only, I got these hoes on the lean
Couple of racks on my kicks, blood drippin' on my feet


[Verse 2: B.o.B]
Shouts out to the crew No Genre, fame'll turn me to a monster
I like Freddy Krueger's sweater, spray it like some shoe protector
Roof just dissaprrrred, I can't take these bitches srrrrus
I fuck your best friend and your best friend
That gon' make us all best friends
Uh, I was countin', they was doubtin', 80,000 on an Audi
I got hoes, about a thousand, hit a bitch like Ronda Rousey
Bitches all up in they feelings, the head of NASA's in the buildin'
Where the fuck you thought I been? Bobby Bands ain't got no ceilin'


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