Lou The Human - Brink [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lou The Human - Brink

Brink Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Boop, boop
You know what it is man
It's, it's me
I'm really out here dog
(Could you turn the beat up a little bit in my head phones)
Boop, boop

This that brink of insanity, kidnapping families
Tie your baby mother up and fuck her in the family V
For bread I go ham and cheese
Grow chia pets and sell it as cheeba, when they go to chief it they gon' be upset
Only 20 but I been a vet, been a threat
Been a winner since I been a sinner, so it's been forever
Always chasing pleasure, find it and get bored
Leave and chase some more, pacing for the race in store
It's all a rat race, you better get your cheese
Avoid the D's like a lesbo with her legs closed
I drive slow cause 5 0's beefing on the block
Got a 8th of shrooms in my nut sack and a 8th of weed in my clean socks
And my team's hot, but I'm just tryna play it cool
Shoot up the playground and tell the kids to stay in school
A genius child but I'd rather play the fool
Ignorance is blissful, don't pass the spliffs, Lou's a
Weed lacer, 97 burgundy blazer
Wanted for burglary, had to ditch the mercury tracer
I’m on some loc ish, some fed up with the being broke ish
I’m not to joke with, bitch I don’t sell crack, I smoke it
A plagiarizer, say anything for some great vagina
Made my bitch fly to New York City with an 8th inside her
Walked inside a 8th grade prom man tryna date a minor
Then break up with her before finals so she's too sad to graduate
I masturbate to pics of Anne Hathaway
Watching Cast Away, that's just me on an average day
Copped a quarter and tried to flip it but shit who am I kidding
Smoked the whole shit the same day man all in one sitting
I'm sending bad vibes out just to hear you cry about
In the zoo around 5 at night letting the lions out
I really lived all the shit you prolly lied about
Tried about, every drug twice man think I'm high for life
Hide your wife, hide your kids, I'm coming through the window
Fuck the money, fuck the jewels I'm looking for nintendo
64, swifty whore tried to let me score
In the jazzeppi store when I asked her have we met before
I'm on Canal Street selling fake shit for double the price
Tell em its real when I really made this shit in my mom's basement
Having conversations with myself
Don't see nothing wrong with healthy debating
Inhaling the fragrance on a regular basis

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