Loyle Carner - Ain’t Nothing Changed [paroles]

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Loyle Carner - Ain’t Nothing Changed

Paroles: Ain’t Nothing Changed

[Verse 1: Loyle Carner]
Clouds are few and far between, pristine
My little brother caught battling the split screen
My slim beam kept his dream and his lips clean
Coming from the spot where everybody's got a 16
Some piff green or some [?] that move
I've got it all to prove, even more to lose
We be seeing these morbid breders moving [?]
So if we be walking with you, trust we thought it through
I've seen man changed
And rearranged, still a damn shame
Life of caviar, cocaine, sipping the champagne
Live at the mans, game focused on the campaign
No time for Gs just rice, peas and plantain
The plan's plain simple and set
Nothing funny, needing the money, all the shit I can get
Ripping the set, then I dip to the decks, gripping my cheque
I promised my mum and brother that I'd deal with the debt
And I can

[Hook: Loyle Carner]
Damn, I need to make some money for my fam [x3]
If you're chatting money you'd be better putting it in hand

Damn, I need to make some money for my fam [x3]
Better scram if you ain't part of the plan, better jam

[Verse 2: Rebel Kleff]
Time is money that I can't afford, it ain't cheap
But I save stacks on my tracks because I make beats
I'm in the lane remaining vacant to the mainstream
When cats are just suckers for [?] never make cream
I'm running off adrenalin when I chase dreams
It may seem that I'm running late because since eighteen
I've been making heat, creating beats
But yeah my slate's clean
The fact remains I can't shake it like a daydream
But instead of looking past it in daze
I stick to the script, go hard and time to sharpen the blade
'Cos working hard and getting parred off for a laughable wage ain't cutting it
Pain's penetrating my aims, I've had enough of it
Headed back home, hop on the mothership
'Cos I've got dubs to flip for all the cyphers that I huddle with
I'm trying to let my money rise from the double
Keep my eyes fixated on the prize for my troubles

[Hook: Rebel Kleff]

[Outro Hook: Loyle Carner & Rebel Kleff]