Lucki Eck$ - Freewave 8 [paroles]

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Lucki Eck$ - Freewave 8

Paroles: Freewave 8

Bitch I'm occupied, I'm not them other guys
I'm the one that called that get yo ass no luck
Got [?] drama time
Boy every dollar mine
I know them retweets ain't worth catchin' a slug, aye
Yo man's a bitch yo man's a hoe them ain't your homies
You deep as fuck but you prolly better off lonely
No saggin' extra like Supreme, I got it on me
Bitch I'm a Felony you're homie tellin' on me
And my accomplice prolly [?] shit
Ain't get the memo checkin' demos
What you accomplished?
Boy hush that nonsense
Girl here like [?]
Girl I got socked ain't no robber
Check my pockets, it's good
I know it's cool watch me pull out with my knowledge
I know hipster with those white boys call them [?] shit
Fuck this rhyme shit, fuck this rhyme shit
Yo big homie pussy cat inside my lion den
I get you touched you say my name cerebral violence
You know the game I'm Triple H this hammer right here
The next nigga I see move might leave him right here
I fucked her friend she missed her turn you made your right here
Them boys won't catch me boy I been movin' in light years
I have them tellin toy stories, Buzz Lightyear
Freewave, freewave, freewave, freewave