Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener [paroles]

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Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener

Paroles: Grass Is Always Greener

[Verse 1]


Did some movies and started missing this rap shit

Back to rap and starting missing them movies

Left these hoes to settle down with just one chick

Get with one chick started missing them groupies

Stop drinking for a year and I was all sober

Next year I got drunk and did it all over

Yesterday I quit smoking and swore I had enough

Till I smelt it in the club and had to take a puff

I got rich and learned life was a bitch

Now everybody's after all of my ends

(Get yo hand out my pocket!)

When I was broke all love from my folks

But nowadays I'm losing all of my friends let the story begin


The grass is always greener on the other side

Always searching for another high

The grass is always greener on the other side

Caterpillar to a butterfly


Bye bye butterfly

Fly away


[Verse 2]


Start exercising and winning got me a six pack

Was eating healthy and did away with the junk

Then I got lazy and started to wanna kick back

My six pack reverted back to a gut

When I'm at the crib I'm mad I'm not at the club lit

When I'm at the club I'm mad I'm not at the crib

I used to be out partying every damn night

Now sometimes I'd rather be with my kids

I got checks gained a lot of respect now everywhere I go they holla my name (Luda!)

But sometimes wish that I was disguised for peace of mind over fortune and fame

Guess what I'm really saying


[Verse 3]


Last year got the Ferrari that I always wanted

Drove it crazy got sick of it had to trade (Give me my Ac'!)

All my fans convinced me to grow my hair back

Grew it back then started missing my fade

I got hits start trippin' I wasn't underground

Got underground start trippin' I need hits (We outta here!)

When you down and people give you the runaround

But feels great to know who really gives a shit

You cut the grass and the snakes will show

And know your neighbor's fertilizer is fake (Don't let it fool ya!)

We always searching for what we never had

Always ignoring what's in front of our face

We've been conditioned to think