Ludacris - Money Counter Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ludacris - Money Counter Freestyle

Money Counter Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

You know what
I don't have to answer to you
You ain't my bitch
Know 'whaa I sayin?
So shit man, fuck it!

[Verse 1:]
I got the whole world scared like ebola nigga
I told my bitch share with her friend like Coca-Cola nigga
I can't recall the last time I was sober nigga
One life to live
I think I'm gonna be dranking till it's over nigga
Fuck my liver and my lungs im a stoner
If they go bad, Ima find me a donor
Ran out of rolling papers up at the crib
Fucked around and smoked on my high school diploma
Im smart (I'm smart)
You could say I got the highest grade man
Yo bitch for my bitch naw thats not really a trade man
My life is a little bit different than yours
Bitches are a little bit thicker than yours
Whips are a little bit quicker than yours
And my crib is a little bit sicker than yours
God bless the child that's got his own nigga
I phone my lawyers like E.T. be phoning home nigga
Like where that check, get that check
Everyday nigga better chase that check
Fans head bobbing to the verse that I spit
But I won't be satisfied till they break that neck
That's Luda (That's Luda)
I swear that nigga be going ham samich
And these rappers couldn't leave their mark in ce-ment
With they hands planted
Yall here for today
Gone by tonight
Sell a couple records and it's all by he height
Niggas do it for a little fame and some change
I do it for hip hop, turntables, and a mic
Im still right in my chapter in that rapper hall of fame nigga
Hip hop's my stomping ground, go back to where you came nigga


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