Lupe Fiasco - Brave Heart (ft. Poo Bear) [paroles]

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Lupe Fiasco - Brave Heart (ft. Poo Bear)

Paroles: Brave Heart

[Verse 1]
May the Lord have mercy on my soul
Forgive me for my fetishes, my purchases, my clothes
Allow me to catch my rhythm so the nervousness just goes
That's why I sound so certain in my verses and my flows
The verbiage just gets merciless this wordsmithness just rolls
I've tuned into my pertinence, my purposes, my goals
The feeling when you realize you've been working for your foes
And the curtains have just opened and they worthlessness exposed
You remember where you came from, where the purses was stole
There was nothing in the oven and just work up on the stove
And you blossomed from the bottom, yeah, you worked with it and rose
From nothing to a dozen and a gardener now there grows
Tell 'em!

[Hook: Poo Bear]
Courage under fire, gave me a brave heart (That's me)
Courage under fire, gave me a brave heart
Brave heart
(Yeah I got that) Brave heart
(You know) Brave heart

[Verse 2]
May the Lord have mercy on my soul
Like shows keep cushion where I land
Keep the devil off my heels
But please keep me on my toes
Like a reposessor checking for everything I drove
Like I owe, but I don't
Paid my dues from the go
Doing donuts in the door, keep my shoes on the floor
Revered by the rich, plus approved by the poor
I guess it's better when they sniff it
(I've been sped up where they sniff it)
And screwed up where they pour
See I flew so way up high
And I SCUBA'd way down low
Put the top down on my fears
Put the roof up on my woes
I dropped that food and liquor to put you up on my stove
They shoplifted and stole
That just let me know they know
That was Lupe #1 now this version #4
And I still feel like a virgin me versus the globe
From the surface to the cove
I took on the biggest wave
And I surfed it to the shore with no pomade in my fro
Took the wood from the slave ships and furnished my abode
That boat is now my bed, desk, dressers and my drawers
Now that's a house of pain!
Plus I use nooses when I hang up all my clothes
Couldn't change up if I chose
That's me


May the lord have...
Mercy on my soul