Lupe Fiasco - Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function Lyrics / Paroles

I’mma just go… And then we’ll figure it out from there
They say form follows function
And if you just function properly things will form themselves
So on that note… America’s most

[Verse 1]
First off gotta send shout outs to my niggas
Then shout outs to my inner demon that be creepin’ around my temple
Ready to set me off like Vivica or make me cross like a crucifix
Or the legs on a Buddhist sitter deep in thought
Thinking as deep as the sea of salt
And they sink in the same sea that we walk
Not that we Jesus, we just gonna wait until it thaws
But you can hold my hand like applause, pause
With no homophobia involved
Now if I would’ve said that you can hold my balls like VFW Halls
That would’ve been the call, but naw
You can see in ours, but we can see in yours
You can’t see in ours cause ours is Kingdom Hall

[Verse 2]
So when that pond thaws and it’s no longer Gretsky
That’s when we jetski
I got a catch up to myself, I kind of left me
Are the windows still blocked up? Let’s see
Maybe see something we couldn’t view before
Been in the stu all day cooking food for thought
Now out the soup du jour for you and yours
Might find sushi for your soul, we call that moving raw
Lions won’t cross the line
Cougars won’t move a paw
Chickens won’t cross the road
Dogs won’t roof at all
Always had flow, just added a front door, roof, and walls
Hotter than the fire that into which Cooper falls
But that’s only if you super dawg
Sicker than when you use your dog to assualts
You can never really tell just who to floor
Truth might still be alive like true and false
That’s why I never really trust unless it’s Lu endorsed
Sponsored by me and of course you know who enforced
Now that’s three mis, like you warming up your vocal chords
Add a fourth if your vocals hoarse
Like Mister Ed
Get out of pocket have a horse’s head in your bed
Now that’s what I call a good night’s rest

Just plays like that
When you just let it flow
When you sit back and just let it go
You know

[Verse 3]
And now my vocals warm
Add a fifth and a sixth now I’m ready to perform
The Buddhist said that I am not reformed

We don’t forget the other five as we
Weave the most wanted Angelina Jolies
And Morgan Frees
Send it around the room like we smoking trees
But it’s no purple in the circle then there ain’t no rolling
Bees just spoken words, thought provoking reeds
Hydro, I’m still strolling on the seeds
Aloe (eye low), like the lotion from the leaves
And to achieve it took a lot of token like Chuck E. Cheese
All without touching weed
But I’m still hungry and I’m having lunch for three
This is my form, now what the function be

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