Lupe Fiasco - How Dare You (ft. Bilal) [paroles]

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Lupe Fiasco - How Dare You (ft. Bilal)

Paroles: How Dare You

[Hook: Bilal]
You shine like the lights of Las Vegas
You feel radiant and outrageous
You're confidence and appeal, so sexual
How dare you? How dare you? How dare you?

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
I got my eyes on like the fire zone
Let's be bygones

Maybe a whole verse, maybe the whole Earth my home
So let me show you around the crib
Tell you what I do, I show you what I did
Flow is on the stove, I'm cooking for the kids
Wrist is in the freezer, heart is in the fridge
But we can warm it up, plug the Foreman up
Open the oven door, turn the saunas up
Stretch the Benz out, if it ain't long enough
Get lost in the feeling, they're no longer us
Hop up out the coupe, hop up on the bus
Give you 'get to the backs' ?, code name for Rosa's sons
We're in a better place, give us condolences


[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
And I hope it's all up to your standards
Cause babies really need to be pampered
I'm behind these tents like a camper
Cause you're out there shining like chandler
Like a chandelier standing there in your radiance
I think we all need some shadiness
Or some vision care, oh no, you didn't dare
While I sitting here like Huey in his wicker chair
You know that isn't fair, how you just entered here
Getting their hopes up, that they can interfere
You're so insincere, you know I got you
Have you looked in the mirror? You know that's not cool


[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Let's have a cease fire, be some peace tryers
Let's negotiate, because my cheeks tired
From smiling all day
Emotions need a motrin, a tylenol break
I know you see my strategy, if flattery's a battery
Then I'm a rabbit with a pack of 'D's in the back of me
Pause on all levels, everybody settle
I know it sounded weird, I'm just trying to impress you
I step forward with my best two
If all that fails, open swag to the rescue
I said swag, and I'm sorry
Don't mean to offend your sensibility I meant dress smartly
Just trying to get you out this party
Can you dig that? Ologist-Archae
Please be the Ferrari to my car key
And I'mma hold my baby down like a car seat

[Bridge: Bilal]
You know what you're doing to me
You got that firepower?, baby
I just can't get enough
No, I can't get enough