Lupe Fiasco - Peace Of Paper / Cup Of Jayzus [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lupe Fiasco - Peace Of Paper / Cup Of Jayzus

Peace Of Paper / Cup Of Jayzus Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Sometimes dreams, peace of paper, I’ve got reams
Where’d the D go?
Put that on a rose and now you pronounce it hero, you see?
Lu see like La Brea & Pico, with binoculars on my peephole
I feel my best work was album zero
Now with Deniro, its Boo Boo in my backyard
And Ben burnt down my gazebo, that Deniro’s, ah Casino
Wit spit in the sandwich of the police though
They ain’t see the steel plate up under my seat though
Still play it like Shaquille but I can free throw
I ain’t playing but I compete, I ain’t a player but I’m complete
Win winner, the mason mind can’t sign if the pen’s Templar
Night vision on white linen is still green
Peace of Paper I’ve got reams, make it rain
To make ‘em smile, now rake it into piles
And buy yourself some style, prom night, cat walk
Prepare the suit for weeks, or effortless as a Parisian
Just walking down the street, I ain’t in it
I’m just walkin’ round some beats
Some teeth neighborhood watchin’
Made of good options, Mastermind X
Neighborhood hoodie, take the hood shoppin’
Back track to stolen plates
What’s a closed wallet to an open safe?
Peace of Paper, Cup of Jayzus, what we writin’?
These ain’t entendres, these is secret indictments
Little secret excitements
For willin’ minds, I’m feelin’ fine
Ballin’ hard and killin’ rhymes
Knockin’ off bigs and stealin’ shines
Aw shawty, Sade, is it crime?
To DMV everytime until I give ‘em license
They waitin’ on lines
Peace of Paper, I’m Kerry James
Commissions fly as the Constitution, as a plane
Peace of Paper, Cup of JAYZUS, what we doin’?
Pizza Lasers or Cup of Razors?
What you choosin’?
Choosy mothers choose the smoothest peanut butters
And more cognizant fathers do George Washington Carver
A break from the paper, it means do you identify more
With the… what’s made or the maker?
I’m what’s being chased
I’m not the chaser
Cup of JAYZUS, Peace of Paper

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