Lupe Fiasco - Piru Blues [Lyrics/Paroles]

Lupe Fiasco - Piru Blues

Piru Blues Lyrics / Paroles

Show me how to breathe again
Give me a reason to end
This pain and all the suffering
Is there something, can I wait
It's hard to believe again
Is it something? It may be nothing (nothing)

(Verse 1)
Blood stains on the camouflage jacket
And love pained hands on the fully automatic
She looks into the eyes of her comrade slash lover
Comcast CSPAN cover warfare rages on the other
Side of the world where the revolution udders
In a language besides brotherly love for the sufferers
It's the sacrifice that touches her
He brushes her cheek smeared with black smudges of
All the dirt he picked up from falling to the earth
Where them things fall so far to love and so into berserk
Supplies in the church but nothing of worth
That can repair the heart so out comes the tears and in come the vision
Gargoyles and griffins, the tension, the ?, the stiffin, release
On his way to God, guarded by the beast
She picks up his rifle and rushes to the street


(Verse 2)
With blood stains on the chinchilla fur
And a hundred bullet holes in the Rolls Royce Spurt
Through designer sunglasses the world is a blur
Diamonds are being ripped from the neck of a third
Second and first seem so unneeded
But this one she feels that he got what he deserved
THe money floats, the liquor spills
She dances on macabres and nigger-as being killed
Skeletons dance with her, a elegant prance amidst the
Whores and the drunks, the sinners and the punks
A parliament of fools baptized in the funk
Cologne don't stop bullets no matter where you put it
But they spray it in the trunk, it mixes with the blood
And the residue of drugs, it hits her all at once
Stings the nostrils
As our Rihanna as Madonna in nirvana
Be witches in other hostel

Chorus x2

(Verse 3)
With blood stains on the maxi pad missing
We welcome another soul into the land of the living
Something about the mirror so different, it smiles
Now how could glass smile
So she runs into the kitchen
The microwave the spoons and the plates
Everywhere where there's a reflection of her face
The turned off TV, the cell phone and laptop screen be
Looking jubilant as Jeezy
In the trap or Gucci in the chain shop
A fan getting name dropped
This wasn't in the plans but the pain stopped
And held the daffodils
Pleasant surprise not in the newspaper horoscope
Or seen in the leaves of a chamomile
She must've missed it
Probably surprised out of the bag cause she dissed it
Learned her lesson, she feels terrific


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