Lupe Fiasco - Portrait of Royce

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Lupe Fiasco - Portrait of Royce

Lupe Fiasco

Portrait of Royce

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Paroles - lyrics: Portrait of Royce

What they say?

Royce sounds like Detroit's voice
Motor of the motor
Cartier third eye
That's that ladder sight
The top tier back
Do it for the culture
What you chopping up the science for
Back to back to back like an ultra
Audio sculpture of the lion lying
Never tires, hard to extinguish like a firestorm fireball
What's a search engine to a Chinese firewall?
Mechanics on the block, rhyme detective
Prime directives, even adversaries gon' cop
Clean as easter the eastern conference Isiah Thomas
On the streets, lay a five layered comet unconscious
On [?] at a concert on beat
Life and death on different floors
Different flows depending on which edition

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