M.O.P. - 187 [Lyrics/Paroles]

M.O.P. - 187

187 Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook-Lil' Fame (Billy Danze)]

187 in progress, everybody get it everybody's a target

These niggas got me on my shit

40 Glock give 'em that thing in the cartridge

187 in progress, everybody get it everybody's a target

(Talk to 'em) These niggas got me on my shit

(Walk through 'em) These niggas got me on my shit

[Verse 1: Lil' Fame]

187 in progress, everybody get it homie stick to the concept

(Celebrity Deathmatch) niggas is garbage

Run up to the award show air out the carpet (Come on)

Murder every DJ spinnin that garbage

Via satellite while America's watchin

Every artist on the carpet is a target

R&B singers too hit 'em regardless

[Billy Danze:]

Real nigga shit 'round to the mosh pit

Counter clockwise, waving the masses

Show up at the office while you havin a conference

Deliver that Rambo to all of your sponsors

Groupies can get it too, for suckin the dick of a nigga

That got mo' bitch in 'em than you

(And you) Part of the problem I'll tie you to the back of the 'lac

And drag yo' ass by your Red Bottoms



[Lil' Fame:]

Thirty rack on a neck of a artist (Say what?)

About another twenty K on his arm (Say what?)

This nigga flashin fifty grand

Walk around here lookin like food for the wolves

Listen! Illuminati rap, we don't ride to that

Everybody poppin molly look at how they act

(Y'all sweatin) The whole place emotional

Wake up to find out some dudes Frank Ocean too

[Billy Danze:]

I ain't 'bout to adapt to the wackiness

You niggas got that wack shit we git this

Them same lame niggas workin on your playlist

Oversaturated twist of the gayness

(BOOM!) You niggas bet' not say shit

Smile in my face and never play my shit (Shit)

Wrong niggas to play with

It's hot, the homies got heaters they stay with



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