M.O.P. - Street Certified (ft. Mobb Deep) [paroles]

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M.O.P. - Street Certified (ft. Mobb Deep)

Paroles: Street Certified

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
I'm P.K.A., the one and only Infamous soldier
I kill for Mobb Deep I
Rolls through the ranks from the bottom
Now I got mad decorations, and medals of honor
War scars, I goes hard
Like I'm fresh out the joint
My home girl, in the hotel
You can't out rap me, I'm out your league
And you don't want no trouble, I cremate beef
At point blank range your brains will catch fire
My brain on another level think outside of
The little hip-hop box
I'm like a robot
I don't tire, I'm wired
I could do this forever
Like who, want, what?
They don't want nothin' done
They just fans, Got my whole collection
I make your chick head bop
She recognize real
Wish she hearing it, in High heels

[Verse 2: Lil' Fame]
I aim your block out
Feed a clip full to your homies
Animal habitat, pit bulls and parolies
Peel off on Jake Huds with my codies
Push it to the limit
Red line, fuck the police
You know me, been O to the G
Since you was in them jeans
With the holes in the knee
Play blood sport, catch a bad one from your idol
Come and take my gun's charge and you go viral
Leave by example, Y'all niggas follow
Every DJ with us, And I don't know my motto (BAA!)
I talk more shit of how it goes down
Cause yo' buzz is done, how the fuck you gon' sell?
M.O.P.'s the Mobb, We deep, on the job, we creep
I'm talkin' 24/7 cause they starve the streets
This is ghetto gospel, right hand to Jesus
I'm the Apostle, twelve ill hostile

[Hook] x2
We still do it like we supposed to
Street certified
Most of y'all switched up
But we preferred to ride
It's the real (BUKKA BUKKA BLAOW)

[Verse 3: Havoc]
It can never be over, we don't bury the hatch
Actin' like you didn't, you know it's better than that
M.O.P. and M.O.B now whats better than that?
This that leave a nigga leakin' on that club floor rap
Beat a nigga Kool-Aid purple out this bitch
Nigga always tryna' show his ass around a bitch
I'm good money everywhere you cowards counterfeit
Don't let your ass write a check you can't cash in
Body bags on deck you get wrapped in
Them guns bustin' like shit was goin' out of fashion
That N.Y.C. gritty nigga with a chimp
On my shoulder, first nigga say I'm hatin's gettin' hit
I'm the truth, truth heard 'em
Give a fuck, I'm your burden
Least of your problems, fuck around need a surgeon
Cause we here thirstin', if you there splurgin'
Show over, mother fucker pull the curtain

[Verse 4: Billy Danze]
Look how they play me on this playground, try to force me to leave
They tried to X me out, good thing I held it down
I was taught to believe it's best to exchange rounds
And to remain down until my remains is found
I face criticism because of a dangerous sound
A lot of under-handed shit that never brought me down
I'm Billy Danze, I move freely through any town
I'm like a prophet, niggas see me and put it down
(Full responsibility when niggas O.D.) O.G.,
In the trauma room is because of me
Every nigga in possession of llama knows me
The nigga sittin' next to Obama know me
I'm in the street like street lights, never low key
M.O.P., M.O.B.B. is all the hood need
I don't get it through the pipe lines, Imma go see
I'm positioned between an icon and an O.G

[Hook] x2