Mac Miller - America (feat. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$) [paroles]

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Mac Miller - America (feat. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$)

Paroles: America

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I'm, in a room filled with holographic images
Path is limitless, death, well that's ridiculous
I'm a live forever, cause a legend never die

I, spent some time just thinkin', where did that get me? high, more drinkin'
Now my head empty, so can it last a couple minutes more?
Pain a funny thing when you can't figure out the source
Bear witness while I'm checkin' bitches off my hit list
Try and understand the fuckin' message I encrypted
Itchin' halucinatin' visions of utopia
Until I figure out that the perfect world, the lonely one
Never hold my tongue, vocal as a loaded gun
And I'm a shoot somebody in the face if they too slow to run
Mac Miller, I'm the only one, but I'm the coldest one, this is pandemonium

Got my middle finger up with a cup and a dutch split
Hand on my nuts when I'm wilin' out in public

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Still, in a room filled with holographic images
Crushin' information into powder, then I'm sniffin' it
Directly to my head, never sleep or use my bed
Iller than the future death of you ingestin' Sudafed
Might head to Budapest just to get a Gucci vest
Hop into a jet, get some rest to diffuse the stress
See, this is what I do the best
Nothin' that you got except the bullet gettin' through my chest
Save hard, a Braveheart, a warrior
I take part to stay far from coroners
I heard some corny words said about my music though
Talkin' all that shit, sound exactly like a groupie ho
Most Dope, got you hooked, yellin' Ruffio
First you lose your mind, then you lose your soul
So what you talkin' about? thinkin' you're out of options
American born, impeccable form above and beyond, Medal of Honor

Got my middle finger up with a cup and a dutch split
Hand on my nuts when I'm wilin' out in public

[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
Yo chick live in Pittsburgh? bet I steal her
Shout out to my wigga Mac Miller
Comin' up in a world full of killers
I'll be shaded up at the villa
With a girl that know what the deal is

City on a map, we don't know how to act
Release young rap, go getters in America
Bad chick get tossed around like the merry go
CV and Mac meezy takin' off on PJ's
We the future so every night is a new day
Sittin' in the studio, chain on and my hat low
Young visionaries and we sellin' out the rap show
I can trigger the wave in my sleep
Name paved, I feel like I am engraved on the beat
Wake up shower, get paid and repeat
Spit one flow and got made on the streets

Swag worth a mill, drop cast let it deal, Veggies

Got my middle finger up with a cup and a dutch split
Hand on my nuts when I'm wilin' out in public

[Verse 4: Joey Bada$$]
Bout to drop hot shit, runnin' out of patience, niggas not sick
Rollin' up the dankest loud, plane goin' mach 6
Rise to the top and top a change the Glocks in the stock
Exchange that watch the price of life on the block
Drop insane, you can't stop this rain, Don't name drop in vain
Inhale toxic flames from tropic strange it's aqua strange
Last week he was nothin', boxers stain
Everybody love him and chicks offered top for fame
To the top I aim, testin' waters so up in the flow
No deal but flow so real keepin' in the scoops
Sun got shine, now he said he shady but he never dippin' though
Still facing L's you would think the niggas wins was low
What you think I'm in this for? Won't stop till the nigga who invented dope
In the flow will behind bars droppin' prison soap
Begging for forgiveness, but it's business though
I'm record spittin' Guinness flows
Got it up in sources now he in the store