Mac miller - Cosmic kev freestyle [paroles]

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Mac miller - Cosmic kev freestyle

Paroles: Cosmic kev freestyle

Said is the music for your bottle tell em ain't heard the way that I flow
Took a pain and get away I'm blowing up my iPhone
Thinking it's a rap be the [?]
I know that she be far away I'm on her [?]
I'm so cool with the fool that the [?] that your [?]
Always setting me a bar
From the store I was hardly a [?]
Part of the discussion for the [?] and classy
I couldn't tell me nothing [?]
Brain I'm plugging that's the conclusion
When you saw it even wasn't there
They threat in my life I ain't' scared
They emotionally [?] through the [?]
That's the shit the bad part held
When they tryin do karate but they [?] yellow belts
I'm a get it from myself on the top of [?]
So pimp but I'm a show you how we drop it like this

I just going down
I'm so [?] not knowing the [?]
We're not playin no games tonight baby
We're not playin no games
Pinch [?] in the building what out [?] let's do this man
Let's do this we gonna kick [?] for a second
Let's go [?] let's go [?]

Hey hey hey hey I'm cooler than the frigerator temperature
[?] pulling out their titties like a super bowl with Janet
Got stand it didn't even stand the pain in a picture that sky [?] on the [?]
Hey [?] so fast but if you wanna get it slow
Everybody gotta [?] gotta [?] take that [?]
[?] too many words everything
This life's a bitch but I get my [?]
I ain't' going back to the old shit
We ain't' going back to the [?] remember work and
Believe em like you said em first
Try to be the doppest mother fucker [?] you ever heard
Try to be the hardest [?] that you met [?]