Maino - Keep It Thoro Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Maino - Keep It Thoro Freestyle

Keep It Thoro Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

I bring bread, bricks
Hundred dolla' bills
Champagne bottles get popped
And then it spill
You can touch the handle,
Deala, see how it feels
From a place where over some J's
You can get killed
Gold Rollie, gold roll chain
I'm criminal, arms folded
On a beamer like I'm deMisio
Street legend, my presence is holly
Hundred deep of black
Shout out the Roll'Royce

Yeah, look,
The niggas stay united now
The homies follow me
Like Leonidas now
No comment,
I've not in common
With ho niggas
Feel screaming at lawyers
And dope dealers
We the same, I'm from the game
I know they pay
Trust me, if there's a pro'lem
Nigga, I say your name
One call, you wanna play?
These pussy niggas got big mouths
And deep throats
Yeah, I came up hard,
I used to die hungry
Had the shootout in broad day
Over crack money
Now I'm junking love
With an ass rip
Life's shit, white bitch
That love black dick
Me and Ricky, lane changing
In the belly
Five niggas that's armed
Who want come get me?
Still tripping in Griffin
My homie feel this
Getting twisted
Smack niggas and kiss bitches
Cocaine, young bitches like (???)
(???) cop screaming I fuck flame

Yeah, you can't fuck with us
You know how it is
You already know what I'm about
Brooklyn every day
When they see me they see Brooklyn

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