Maino - Welcome to my hood (remix) (feat. uncle murda & red cafe) [paroles]

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Maino - Welcome to my hood (remix) (feat. uncle murda & red cafe)

Paroles: Welcome to my hood (remix)

Welcome to my hood
Everybody know everybody
And if I got
Everybody got it
Welcome to my hood
Pick it up this old school
24 so you know we go...
Welcome to my hood
We are on top palyin...
Everybody know is the hot spot
Welcome to my hood
... down on your knees
Is the sound of the police

Money and power
Tell me this world isn't ours
Be my enemies berried
Send their mamas some flowers
Just be the ice of my...
These pussies ain't on my level
I've been as high as their Heaven
... playing chase with the devil
I am talking bitches and clubs
You ain't on my part of New York
The 40 gallons in the...
I am the king of the hood
... on top of my throne
I've been around the whole world
But ghetto's my home
I walk... on my block
When niggers hustle...
And pray to God to take them
Being humble don't work
So now I am shutting it down
Leave the shoes at the door
Before you step in my town


Listen up
I am the G from the Big Apple
In my MX is you want I will catch you
But I ain't your GPS don't make a bad turn
No... bullets burn like a...
Bitch I'm gonna shake down no security
Five hundred in the hood that's a murder fee
All my niggers spellings look at it 60 seconds
You'll be a casualty... sniffing...
We are smoking sour giving bitches cold showers
Drinking... while I am counting only bitches every hour
Brooklyn nigger fuck with BX hard
On cross... floating with my BX...


I represent the...
He stay mangy
More niggers... rap the...
Add it to this one more problem
Don't be talking to me like...
In my hood young boys is getting on the...
... niggers in their 30
My old... then I can name a hundred killers
Police don't want us to blow
They make 50 grand a year
We could get down for show
I would dream about J Lo
Then I wake up pissed off
I am gonna wake up
Before I break that bitch off
I mean... he was getting his... off
I ain't talking the... that clip off
Welcome to my hood
Don't say I ain't warn you
... if you ain't got a gun on you