Malik Yusef - Sin City (ft. CyHi Da Prince, John Legend, Teyana Taylor & Travis Scott) [paroles]

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Malik Yusef - Sin City (ft. CyHi Da Prince, John Legend, Teyana Taylor & Travis Scott)

Paroles: Sin City

Yo Malik Yusef, the wordsmith
Wild 100's, G.O.O.D. Music in this mother fucker

[Verse 1]

But the population increases its density
And that increases the intensity
And then that increases the propensity
Of a girl so pretty and slightly sadity

And then she give me
Now I'm one of the residents
They walk with none of the repercuss, but all of the decadence
And all the fuckin' debauchery
Adult film star, somebody's fuckin' watchin' me
I always feel like, I'm almost feel like
Cause all I need is one mic
I force them pen down homie, all I need is one strike
Let me introduce to you a nigga that's Zeus to you
Without True Religions I still got the God genes
Launder dirty money just to keep my squad clean, nawmean?
Rarely had anybody ridin' shotgun cause my car had a Glock in it
Barely had that knock in it
I invested in a sound system of belief
A novice nester, I found wisdom in that Keef
That's that shit I do like, on life
The days of money being enjoyed by a fool is numbered
But we are the boys of the cruelest summer
This makes us the most hottest label, on my momma
But on my grandmomma, winter time take place in our veins
Niggas that I'm feedin' at my table wanna cross me up
Like dude that got his face on our chains
So Lord have mercy, if you ain't ridin' in a Mercy
Please don't try and race in our lane
I'm embracin' our pain
So if I never make it to dinner, I'mma hit the lake of fire
And all this black ice, gon' make sure hell freeze
I'm responsible for throwin' that slick black shit like the Exxon Valdez
My domepiece got a dark vision in it like LT's
So please, understand, my dear
That every day was like some shit from a deer

No love from my momma and I had to accept it
So I grabbed that stone flag and I repped it

Assemblin' nines, so many with pain resemblin' mine
The world renowned class clenown, since I stuttered I joked
Found that the Chevy look more butter with spokes
Life was pure torture so I cut it with coke
The streets got flooded once the levy shuttered and broke
We was raised by brothers and folks
Fathers who drank and mothers that smoked
Yet another has arose from the gutter and spoke