Mann - The Vibe [paroles]

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Mann - The Vibe

Paroles: The Vibe

[Intro: Mann]

Wa Gwan
Da Mann dem yut Back
Wit a new Positive vibe
Everyting Irie
Ya mon

[Verse 1: Mann]

No Violations
Only good vibrations
I'm the voice of my nation
Young Niggas gone ride out tonight
Thank ya'll for yall patience
Sorry to keep y'all waiting
I was doing my thang living
One amazing wonderful life
Man fuck yo advice
We young and don't live twice
So I'm doing what feels good
I give a fuck if its right
When she left yo hood
We met up at midnight
She said you were no good
She let me get in it twice
I really live a different life
Moving fast trying to get it right
I had to say it One Time
What that west la city like? (West)
Girl you know exactly what to do to get me right
Have the weed rolled, bend over then touch your toes

[Hook: Mann]

Turn off all the lights
Open up your eyes
We about to catch a Vibe
We turning up tonight
Everybody get high
We about to catch the vibe
Have the time of your life
Just enjoy the ride
We about to catch a vibe
What we doing is right
I feel so alive
We about to catch the vibe

[Post hook: Mann]

Yea Mon, the vibe is heavy
We about to catch a vibe
Mi a want everybody pon da crowd light up
We about to catch the vibe

[Verse 2: Mann]

Im trying to get faded
Eyes low like Asians
If you speaking my language
Girl we gone find out tonight
Hoes love my cadence
Tell me I'm they Favorite
Then they all get naked
I live one wonderful Life
She drop it on site
That's what she doing cuhz that's what I like
Drank got her going I'm high as a kite
Girl we gone have one hell of a night
Keep it persistent, I'm strictly on my mission
But still YB on my hit list, watch wifey keep her distant
Before she missing, yeah
You see we all in here
My whole squad and team gone eat so watch us ball this year
Man I been dipping, whipping it while I'm Sipping
Slipping and sliding gripping, living this life im living
Its twisted so I ain't tripping


[Bridge: Mann]

Vibe, Breezy
Gal, sleazy?
No, Tease me
Smoke, easy
Lighters up lighters up lighters up yeah
Lighters up, lighters up, lighters up