Mann - Treal Talk

Treal Talk Lyrics / Paroles

Uh, let me take my time
Choose the right words, create my rhyme
Never settles why… or dimes
And I’m never settling, bitch I’m taking all mine
Can’t have my piece of the pie
….and I’m keeping it alive
These niggas think that they’re fly
till they see the keys of the vehicles I drive
Uh, I’m fly us fuck, uh, she’s trying to fuck
You niggers know time is up,
Girl, I’m introducing you to all kind of stuff
Just roll the… please make it fast
Like a team where my Jamaicans at
And I …. the fire, but I’m not a yardy
But I look at… and it’s time to party!
Bitches bodies look like a Ferrari
I’m that man, that got that pussy purring
Bad bitches and the Cush is burning
This Danish you need a book to learn it, yeah!

Yeah, my young nigga aka…
Shout out all my Danish out here
You already know what it is
What it’s worth, you niggas, move the world,
it’s treal talk!

Uh, niggas can’t touch you, I’ve been in the shit
I was dumb young, now I’m dumb…
and this bitch get my club on
What the fuck is wrong, stop staring at the young niggas
Move it along! I can take that!
Wake them up when I show them…
Never gave up cause I’m fucking head strong
Just got… and my fucking brain on
I’mma keep going till I’m on the top
Represent for every California block
I rock it on, and I roll it rock
A real .. cause I’m cold and hot
At the same time, war conditions for when it’s gang time
New West Coast I’m in the mainland
Better get your spot, you can’t take mine, you can’t take mine!
Steady blowing and and stay… all day
Like my bitches I pick lingerie
Most niggas you niggas…
But I treat everyday like a holiday, hey!
f you all niggas would hate me
I would tell you all this
Fuck you all! Get money! Shit..

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