Mario - Motivation (remix) (kelly rowland cover) [paroles]

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Mario - Motivation (remix) (kelly rowland cover)

Paroles: Motivation (remix)

Sexy as hell with no clothes on
You in every position with your heels on
Wanna show you some things you got my mind working
In the middle of the night stay up on me that's spot working
Girl whenever you want it, you're my 9 til 5
All that shit you talking keeps me on my grind
You motivate me with your mind
'Bout to make your body work overtime yeah

[Chorus: Kelly Rowland & Mario]
And when we're done
Kelly you ain't gonna feel your legs
And when we're done
I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby
You can't stop there
You know I only wanna love you
Music's still playing in the background
And you're almost there
I'm 'bout to do it just believe in me baby
So close from here
Baby you my motivation